Spandau Ballet are to tour. In other news, Igloos have been spotted in Hell


picture courtesy of sd1-3500 from flickr

According to the Guardian, Spandau Ballet are reforming for a ten dates tour of Britain and some European dates.

While I am as guilty as the next person who grew up in the eighties of indulging in the music of my youth (hell, I have 12 Matt Bianco albums, but at least they didn’t stop making music and had to ‘reform’ {btw, their newest album, ‘Hifi Bossanova’ [incidentally, I really like the title. very retro] is coming out soon}, and I’ll be seeing ABC with the BBC Symphony Orchestra next month) but Spandau Ballet?

These guys split acromoniously after running out of songwriting juice, sued each other into oblivion, fought a little tabloid war and now everything is forgotten? Maybe I am too cynical, but I think a little monetary incentive was probably more likely to be responsible for the sudden reconciliation than a night out of shoulder slapping in a pub.

Maybe I’m just too cynical.

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