The Fellow, Kings Cross


Thanks to a hint from London Leben, the best girlfriend and I recently visited the wonderful London Canal Museum. After an hour of anoraky fun in this most splendid of museal institutions it was time for lunch, but this being Kings Cross, we weren’t very hopeful to find something suitable.  Surprisingly we came across a decent looking place on York Way. The Fellow looked like a decent boozer from the outside and the inside wasn’t bad: this must have been a traditional pub that received a bit of brown paint to tone it down a bit, but it still had character and cosy sofas. A good range of real ales and an appetising lunch menu promised a nice hour spent with The Guardian and some lunch beers. Even though my pie was tiny and I had to do some major expeditions into the sauce to find my beef the chips were world class, and the best girlfriend’s steak tartar was apparently spiffing. The music was good, the punters happy, so thumbs up for that. The only big let down was the staff. Even though the best girlfriend and I were smiling and making supportive noises, our waitresses refused to smile and utter more than monosyllabic responses. Same with the bar staff. Shame about that. Otherwise a promising place.


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