Smithfield Cafe

After freezing my bottom solid during a conference near Smithfields I needed some proper grub to warm my icy buns. And between all the posh pubs and fancy lunch places I found what I was looking for:


Smithfield Cafe is a tiny, comfy, obviously long established cafe that seems to be open 24 hours and seems to be doing very well. While I was having my dinner, a never ending stream of motorcycle couriers picked up coffee, buns, rolls, chips and what not, all knowingly welcomed by the friendly owner and his capable assistant. A friendly lot, those couriers.

How was the food? Have a look for yourself:


Now that’s a great Eggbaconchipsandbeans: the chips are wonderfully crunchy (something that only very few cafes seem to manage), have a lovely golden brown colour and are fighting a losing territorial battle against the encroaching (and slightly spicy) beans, barely separated by the valiant and crunchy bacon and the immensely circular egg.


The condiments were all present and accounted for. The whole place radiated tradition and a serious attitude to food. My coffee was exemplary and after leaving the place I was warm, full and happy. Again.

Top Marks.

Smithfield Cafe

23 West Smithfield,

London, EC1A 9HY

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