Windows Mobile 6.1 and the irritating case of the non-functioning SMTP server.

As I have mentioned earlier, I am the happy owner of a Sony Xperia X1. So far the little marvel as been a delight to use, but for some weird reason Outlook Mobile suddenly refused to talk to Apple’s smtp server, so I wasn’t able to send any emails. Having a little bit of technical insight, I started to blame the following individuals and organisations:

  • Myself for getting the settings wrong
  • Apple for messing up its Mobile Me service
  • Vodafone for blocking any other smtp server than their own

Turns out none of them were to blame. In fact it was Microsoft who dropped the ball on this one (I really shouldn’t be that surprised). Turns out that this is a long standing bug feature of Windows Mobile 6.1 that  can only be remedied by patching the phone.

You would have thought that this is something that more people than myself complain about, but it took quite a bit of googling to find the real reason behind this annoying little ‘quirk’.

I really should have thoought of MS first, but that’s what you get when you’ve been running XP now for years without hickup:  complacency!

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