Yowsa! Jazz FM is back!

I recently noticed some print ads in the Guardian depicting a multi-coloured chameleon, advertising the return of Jazz FM. And indeed, there it is, running on my trusty PURE DAB radio. This is of course such good news that I could jump up and squeal with glee. When I moved to London back in 2001, Jazz FM was the staple of my evening.  Sarah Ward’s Dinner Jazz program was such an exquisite collection of jazz tunes that the evening meal turned into a celebration. Even if it was only a take away curry. Unfortunately their ever changing schedule crowded the playlist with more and more bland soul and the excruciating ‘Smooth Jazz’ muzak, and soon Jazz FM turned into the even blander Smooth FM.

Then it was off the air. Then there was a DAB station called ‘The Jazz’. That went off the air as well. There was also a website called jazzfm.com. And now it’s back on DAB. After reading the two Wikipedia entries on JazzFM and 102.2 Jazz FM I am now even more confused.

Maybe somebody should tell Guardian Media Group that handling a brand like that is not really a good move.

Oh well. It’s nice to have them back. Maybe this time they’re allowed to stay on the air. Without ‘Smooth Jazz’, if at all possible.


P.S. On the issue of ‘Smooth Jazz’: read Pat Metheny’s rant on the Permapermed.

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