Car sales slump in the UK. Hurray!

Today The Times reports that car sales have been falling by 21% last month, with makers of luxury brands being hit the worst. Am I the only one who is jumping up and down with joy upon this lovely bit of news? Living in the South-East of Britain, I am surrounded by enormous SUV everywhere I go, and the sheer number of cars that are making life miserable in the area is mindboggling. According to You and Yours, that terribly boring consumer affairs magazine on Radio 4, the only cars that are still being sold quite steadily are the small, economic, ecological friendly vehicles a la Citroen 1, Yaris, etc.

I dream of the days when the roads are devoid of Range Rovers, Cayennes, RaVs and other enormous SUVs (that mostly seem to transport one female driver and maybe an additional child) and the roads around where I live and work are quieter, cleaner and safer to bike and walk on. It would be a boon to society, the environment and would improve quality of life immensely.

So, go on and buy a used Smart when you have to acquire your next car. You know it makes sense.

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