Mr G’s Cafe, Stepney

I did it again. I visited another Cafe in the East End to try out the Eggbaconchipsandbeans meme. This time it was the magnificent Mr G’s on Mile End Road in that lovelies of all East End quarters, Stepney. Mr G’s has a bright orange, friendly sign over his door that invites his guests into the small but cosy cafe.

The gentleman behind the counter (Mr G. himself?) takes your order, passes it through the window to the smiling chef and before you can fully open The Guardian and try to find the magazine, you already have an enormous plate in front of you. And if I say enormous, I mean enormous.

This is not just a plate full of eggbaconchipsandbeans. This the mother of all plates of eggbaconchipsandbeans. The chips are well done and have a decent crunch and desperately try to cosy themselves up to the sea of beans, that is covering the most magnificent two slices of bacon I have ever had, both in size ans in taste. The whole ensemble looks more like a picture of Andy Warhol and I was almost tempted not to spoil its beauty and just worship it silently, but then the hunger took over and soon this wonderful meal was unfortunately history.

The condiments are well placed and the tables are so clean that you might think you’re seeing double:

While one is silently chewing, the sociable gentleman behind the counter entertains his regulars with surprisingly erudite banter and keeps the atmosphere relaxed and positive. You leave MR. G’s not only well fed, but indeed also spiritualized, marvelling how you functional yet inspiring the interior is. Le Corbusier would have liked it here.

It doesn’t get much better than Mr. G’s, you know.

MrG’s Cafe, 222 Mile End Road, London E1 4LJ

2 thoughts on “Mr G’s Cafe, Stepney

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  2. Mr G’s Cafe, Stepney, London.

    I live overseas nowadays and return to the UK about once a year to visit my son and his wife in Stepney and my daughter and her fiance in Bow. During my stay of a couple of weeks or so, I call at Mr G’s Cafe daily for either breakfast or lunch.
    Angelo, Pepe and their mother run the best cafe in which I have eaten during my sixty one years on this planet. The food is of great quality and always beautifully cooked and presented in mansize portions. My personal favourites on the vast menu at Mr G’s are, Double Egg (runny) Bacon (usually around four big rashers) with Bubble & Squeak and Bread and Butter. The lunchtime menu, served anytime it seems, features, Roast Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken or Turkey or four or five Pork or Lamb chops with a choice of greens and roast/boiled/mashed Potatoes. The lashings of rich, stocky gravy is delicious. This is virtually home cooking to be enjoyed and to feel well nourished in a spotlessly clean environment. Angelo prepares the board of fare and Pepe serves the tables with a constant banter relating to football and/or generally putting the world to rights.
    I wish I could be at Mr G’s this morning for brekkers!
    There is always a welcome at Mr G’s Cafe from three very nice, hard working people. Thanks to you all!

    John Fry.

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