Blogging and Commuting

I have now been a blogger for some time. In the past I managed about three to four posts per week, as my working hours were pretty much nine to five, with a commute home that would literally take 4 minutes to home. That would give me plenty of time to contemplate the pressing issues of the day. Or just a zip around teh intarwebs to find something blogworthy.

Since I have joined the ca 6 million daily commuters travelling into London every morning and leaving the moloch in the evening, blogging has become more difficult. This has two main reasons:

1: Time constraints. I now get up at 06:15 and return from work ca 19:30. This has reduced the time that was available for myself by 4 hours: two in the morning, two in the evening. As I have to stand in the train, blogging during the commute is not really feasible, and blogging on the bike is probably quite dangerous and certainly not legal. It would also be immensely antisocial and certainly not very nice if I would use the remaining hours prior to bedtime to blog my heart out and in turn ignore my wonderful partner,  who really deserves every minute of my waking hours.

2. Knackeredness.  After thirteen hours away from home, the sofa becomes a very tempting place to plant my bottom on. There is also The Guardian to read, Radio4 to listen to and the odd (but fortunately rare) TV-show to watch. And of course chat to my darling partner, so the Macbook and the various other digital household items have become much less a focus in my life.

I ask my regular readership: How do YOU battle post commuting fatigue and keep your shiny blog updated and your readership happy? Do you ignore your significant other? Blog at work? had a divorce?

Let me know. And the others.

4 thoughts on “Blogging and Commuting

  1. I can see why you are having a hard time fitting blogging in. I only have one blog and no website at the moment. I am amazed at the amount of time blogging takes. I think what takes up a lot of the time is not the actual blogging itself, but the uploading of pictures, reading other blogs, etc. As to your question asking your readers how they find time to blog. Well, to answer your question, right now I have lots of time on my hands. This is because I have been on medical leave for 18 months from my job as a Nursing Assistant. I did have a blog and website for a few months when I was working full time. I found that between blogging, working on my website, and working at my actual job, it didn’t leave me with a lot of time.

    Anyways, changing the subject, it looks like all your hard work and sacrifice has paid off. Your blog looks really good. I really like the appearance of your blog as well, including your pictures. Keep up the good work and the best of luck to you in finding time to write in your blog.

  2. Unsatisfactory,unsustainable situation,but is this not the trap that most of commuter belt Britain has slipped into. At least I see you have as yet retained awareness of the things that matter in life, but for how long?, worryingly I fail to see any mention of such vital issues as time dedicated to bass practice,is this the start of the slide? You know my priorities,as an interim measure may I suggest getting up an hour earlier for an hours practice(tho this as you know is still whoefully short of my own standards) and sod the short term consequences on all other aspects of life,(partner excluded).

  3. You just keep writing. That’s all. You write and you write and you write and from time to time you decide to hit the publish button. That’s all. Let your readers decide whether your writing is crap or not. Simple.

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