Ryanair introduces acoustic mayhem to entice consumers.

I used to be a happy Ryanair client/customer/passenger. I was happy to accept the comfort and the standing in line typical of a London bus journey and did not grumble about their sometimes creative airport naming, as I was aware that I was flying 1500km for 20 pounds, which is a great price for such a long journey.

For one or the other reason I had no need to fly with them over the last number of years, so when I took a Ryanairflight to Porto last week I was a little bit surprised to be greeted by a neverending, loud soundtrack reverberating through the cabin, which, accompanied by an accoustic attack that makes the ‘fastfood song’ a piece of suave classyness, was telling me that I was able to drink even more alcohol for less money (by purchasing their ‘premium spirits’, served in little plastic bags), buy phonecards and scratchcards. This ran for ca 20 minutes during boarding and was repeated during the flight.

I am aware of the economics of no-frill flights, but isn’t Michael O’Leary taking this a little bit far? Most of the passengers in the cabin looked initially bewildered and then disgusted by the endless aural mayhem that was inflicted on us.

I flew back with Easyjet.

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