Medicine for, er, medics.

A good podcast is not easy to produce. If you look at the list of my favourite podcasts, you’ll see that most of them are actually long established radio-shows that are being re-broadcast over the intarweb or snippets from established radio productions , thematically put together. The only true podcasts on that list is Leo Laporte’s take on ‘grumpy old men of the tech business’ that is the highly entertaining ‘This Week in Tech‘ (even the best girlfriend ever likes it as they never actually speak about anything technological) and everything2’s podcast. So, it seems that making a podcast is obviously more than just some person blathering on about some old rubbish. The Lancet’s podcast is one of the better ones: it presents the weekly articles of its parent’s publication in short order and adds an interview with one of the research teams. Full stop. The whole thing takes only 15 minutes (your average tube trip on the way to work) and hey, presto: you have something memorized that’s not only good for your own practice but also for bragging kudos in front of your colleagues.

What else do you want. So, the Lancet’s weekly podcast goes on the list.

2 thoughts on “Medicine for, er, medics.

  1. Thanks for the positive feedback about The Lancet’s podcast. As its producer and presenter I’m keen to constantly make improvements to it – so please let me know what more (or less) can be done. Thanks.

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