“I pledge allegiance to Queen Fragg and her mighty state of hysteria”

So, a Scottish prime minister wants the nation’s pupils (Great Britain’s, that is), to swear an oath of allegiance to Ellie, their rather lovely Queen. This is completely and utterly contra-productive. Britain has been thriving over the centuries (and especially the last decades) by being able to assimilate different ethnicities through a non-confrontational attitude: people would move to Britain, work, and their children would learn the lingo, go to university and – hey presto – be a member of the house of lords. With a funny name.

Swearing allegiance to Ellie or Charlie won’t change a thing. Integration into a society is a multi-generational chore. You can’t make somebody English (and that’s really what it’s about, as the other homenations won’t have anything to do with the plan)by standing up and saying a silly oath. You learn the langage, meet the neighbours, invite them for dinner and get to know and admire their culture.

Coercion is contraproductive.

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