Thank you H2O. Goodbye.


Today I was told by one of the gorgeous spies that still supply me with regular info from North Otago that my favourite bar in Oamaru, the amazing H2O has finally closed its doors. While controversial for its location and architecture (it made the Victorians itchy to get out their pitchforks) it was nevertheless a well designed modernist building with a hint of Mies van der Rohe at the most amazing spot overlooking Friendly Bay. First managed by the lovely Diane and that Genius in the kitchen, David Taylor, this was the perfect combination between gorgeous bar with amazing views and superb cuisine. After Diane and David’s departure their ‘front of house’ maitre Jessica continued to make you as comfortable as possible, while the food continued to be inspired by David’s ideas. This was always the perfect place for an after work beer (featuring Emerson’s and Three Boys) , have civilised glass of wine or a glorious meal.


And now it’s closed and will re-open as a ‘pub’.


2 thoughts on “Thank you H2O. Goodbye.

  1. I was led to believe by a reliably gorgeous informer that H2O was to be taken over by a certain restaurateur of urban fame. Does this mean makeover? Let’s hope not, or there’ll be a pitchfork in your penguin burger.

  2. It’s apparently the proprietor of ‘Fat Sally’s’ who, according to the ODT, will have ‘Speight’s, Speight’s Distinction, Mac’s Gold and Stella Artois on tap’.


    Bring back David Taylor and the Boutique Beers. Everything is forgotten.

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