The news from North Otago, finally in a truly spiffing format.

Today my Google News Alarm finally sent me something truly interesting, after boring me senselessly with such ‘newsworthy’ stories like ‘Houses evacuated after Oamaru bomb threat’. I mean, honestly: who in Oamaru would have the time and leisure to blow up a service station? Especially the only one where you can get a Coke and a Marsbar at 3 am in the morning? The teenage population of Oamaru practically wouldn’t survive if for the nutrients dished out by the nice people behind that counter, and the Victorians would rather attack it with pitchforks before doing something untrad like a bomb (unless it would be a number of barrels of gunpowder, but these you can hardly hide).

No, what I mean is the brillant blog of ‘Red’ Hurring and her team of correspondents: ‘Coracle Oracle‘ is featuring a good range of photography, guest contributions from local celebrities like master craftsman Bill Blair, poems, and of course her own contributions. A long established local reporter, she dishes out the goods without having an editor breathing down her neck, which only contributes to the quality of the blog.

With other words, a worthy addition to the ‘Places you should visit’ list.

1 thought on “The news from North Otago, finally in a truly spiffing format.

  1. Dear Wise Guy,
    thanks so much. I’m far from the shores of home and was sent your comments from god, aka Coed-Isaf, whose genius brought Coracle Oracle the Friendly Baz (oops foreign kezboard) Chronicle into being. Says he rested on the seventh day.
    True about the service station in Oamaru being our piecart. I’ve had that experience, pissed at 2a.m and rolling along Severn Street from the Glob (Globe ‘niteclub’) for a mince poi.
    Anyhow must dash, Petr the Macedonian is waiting to show me Zagreb.
    happy blogging.

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