The best bar in New Zealand. No discussion.

It’s not easy to find a good bar in New Zealand. Some of them are swamped with tourists (especially in the big hotels), some have terrible staff and some completely forget to stock local fare. But there is one place that just feels right. New Zealand’s best bar is hiding here:


Indeed. Within this rather unassuming driveway is a treasure called Pequeno to be found. Hidden away in a rather unassuming small court yard (that, if I am not mistaken, featured in Perfect Creature) behind a simple door with only a small sign telling you that you’re in the right spot. (I feel almost ashamed by giving it away). Once you enter you are being greeted with a comfortably furnishe, ca 70 square meter room sporting black leather seats and sofas, a fire and a nice, long bar.


Very knowledgeable, polite and friendly bar staff that remembers their guests after the second visit serve classic cocktails, a good collection of single malts, local beers and an excellent collection of pinot noirs from Central Otago.

The music, both live and canned is unobtrusive but well chosen, ranging from classic lounge to jazz. The prices are acceptable for a location of this quality, but not prohibitive. The crowd is a pleasant mixture of students, academic staffers and local professionals. It rarely gets uncomfortably full and most of the time oozes a luxurious, relaxed vibe.

Without doubt the best bar in New Zealand.

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