Comparing drives.

Three days ago my trusty 1954 Morris Minor minced his gearbox on the way down the mountains from Dunedin. Thanks to Warrens Garage in Palmerston I was saved pretty quickly and given a new car to drive away with. So, let’s start:

1. Looks






Ok, the Morris wins hands down. If you want to have a car to pick up women with, you would definitely want to choose the delicate and elegant lines of that Morris. The slashdot sticker alone makes it so much more desireable.

2. Economy

Er, ca 20 liter of diesel against 6 liter of petrol per 1oo km. Morris wins again.

3. Practicality

The nimbleness of the Morris wins in urban environments and on long trips on the highway. The Nissan Pickup can, on the other hand, drive up mountains almost vertically with two sheep, a dog and the kids in the back, but how often will you need that? I mean really, what should the kids do on a mountain. And your wife is bound to get bored up there. So again, Morris wins

4. Comfort

The Morris wins again due to the fact that 4 people can sit inside its compact cabin very close together and feel the love of their neighbours. You will also not need the heating when you’re that close. The huge inside of the pickup will disincentivise its inhabitants to socialise due to its cathedralic inside-space. If you want to have to yell at your neighbour because he’s so far away, pick the pickup.

5. Overall impression

1950’s design beats nineties bullyness hands down. Think about the environment and your loved ones the next time you choose a car.

Morris. You know it makes sense.

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