Bank Holiday in Aberdaron

Last week I wanted to get out of the fifth circle of hell, er, Germany for 3 days to get some fresh air, so I took the best girlfriend ever to one of my favourite destinations in this world: Aberdaron, a small village on the end of the Llyn peninsul in Wales is one of the most pleasant places to have a nice, quiet weekend. What I didn’t know was: it was still Summer Holidays and it was the Bank Holiday weekend. So, it was neither quiet nor isolated, but full of burned tourists from that land in the east the Welsh hate with deep conviction. I give you a hint: it’s not Germany. Anyway the weather was nevertheless perfect, and after we compensated the fact that all restaurants were full with two pints of lager and a packet of crisps each (well, we DID pass Runcorn earlier) on the beach, we spent the next day hiking on my favourite track.



Next day we drove north and checked out some of the larger dwellings in North Wales, being quite surprised by Bangor and its rather nice university.


Next morning back via the hilariously named John Lennon Airport in Liverpool, with an Easyjet flight leaving at 07:10, made easier thanks to the nice people at the Holiday Inn Express at the Airport.

….and I don’t know why, but Easyjet is so much nicer to fly than Ryanair. Maybe it’s the colour, or maybe because the cabin personnel was actually trained to smile.

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