Everything2. The best of the web.


The moon is in it’s most beautiful full and fat outfit, just starting to rise over the trees of my garden.

It’s been a perfect Saturday, full of unmentionable joys, wonderful calm weather and I have half an hour to check out what’s new out in the world. BBC and KSTA serve me with the usual mix of problems and news that are happening around this planet, but E2 as usual serves me on it’s front page with much more soothing fare: kyle’s biography of Ellis Regina makes me so curious that I get to check her out on LastFM and discover a new Brasilian singer apart from Joao Gilberto and Gilberto Gil. Then there is a beautiful diary entry, a discussion of an elizabethan novel and some rude remarks about the south of the U.S.

I mean, apart from Kuro5hin, were else will you find art and anarchy so close together?

For over 7 years, E2 continues to be the best place on the web.

Stuff the rest.

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