Monster Cable makes monstrous PR blunder.

Monster Cable is a company making (as the name implies) cables between audio components. Because they are supposed to be particularly well designed and made, they are also rather pricey. If I mean pricey, I mean 499.95 US$ for 5 meter of their most ambitiously designed speaker cable, the Z4 Precision Audiophile Speaker Cabl. Now, I love my audio setup at home like the next man (and it’s invariably men. You should see the arguments I have with the best girlfriend ever about interior design and sound quality = form/function), but even I balk at paying that much money for my speaker cables. Maybe if my yearly income had 2 more naughts at the end of my paycheck, but not at present. Well, they certainly provide a premium service.

Then there’s Blue Jeans Cable. They certainly don’t spend any money on webdesign, but apparently their cables are pretty good as well. And not quite so expensive (their most expensive speaker cable is about a tenth of the price), so more in my price range.  Recently Monster alleged that Blue Jeans Cable violated some of their intellectual property and sent off a ‘cease and desist letter’. Turns out that Kurt Denke, the President of Blue Jeans is an ex litigation lawyer, who states in his elaborate answer (which he made public) to Monster:

‘Not only am I unintimidated by litigation; I sometimes rather miss it.’

That letter has shot the guy and his company  to instant stardom with Reddit positively celebrating the man. His well formulated and lengthy reply hints that Monster doesn’t have that much legs to stand on anyway. This is PR that you can’t buy for money. Even I have just ordered a missing HDMI cable from them.

It’s nice to see lawyers with a sense of humour, working for the right side for a change.

Update 15.4.08, 22:00 GMT: Now it’s on slashdot. That means mainstream media will pick it up next. Just sit back and watch the spectacle unfold.

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