The ‘Happy Monday’ Special on Radio 4. An hour I’ll never get back.

I have just been through the worst hour of ‘comedy’ that I ever had to endure on Radio4. Normally, with BBC Radio’s flagship station, you can be sure that you will be treated to brillant writing, intellectual sparkle and diaphragm shaking jokes, so the 60 minutes I just to endure where even more disappointing. In front of a live audience, whipped into an artificial frenzy by hyperactive but unfunny host Michael McIntyre, a series of comedians (what was poor John Culshaw doing there? And when did Stephen K. Amos lose his mojo?) were allowed 5 minute stints, interrupted by songs by ‘The Feelings’, ending with an embarassaging ‘pubquiz‘. Nevertheless Kudos to newcomer Ed Aczel:  Tellingly, this newcomer was by far the most interesting and funniest of the lot.

One can only hope that the shows this ‘special’ was supposed to advertise are better than this forgetful hour.

Disappointing, to say the least.

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